Sea surface temperature (SST) measurements are made by satellites orbiting the Earth. Current temperature breaks create “edges” that congregate bait fish, kelp, weed lines and sea life.

Sea Surface Temperature ChartsFind the break, find the structure and you’ll find the fish.

Live-feeds from multiple satellite receiving stations enable Satfish to provide Sea Surface Temperature Chart images available to our users on a daily basis. We use numerous sources for our SST ensuring that if one of our receiving stations goes off line, we are able to utilize another Sea Surface Temperature feed to generate the highest quality SST images available to you every day. We process all of our own data for our fishing charts and are able to make our images available at the highest resolution possible. SST measurements can only be made in clear sky conditions. We have developed the most advanced cloud-masking technology in the industry, allowing us to only show the highest quality data and make use of all of the clear pixels. Even using our state-of-the-art cloud masking technology, at time clouds can make it impossible to generate high-resolution SST images.  During extremely cloudy conditions, anglers can utilize our Cloud Free SST Images to get an overview of the conditions in the regions they are targeting.

The resolution and quality of a particular SST image depends on how close the satellite’s orbital track is to the region for which the images are generated. In clear-sky conditions, multiple SST images are generated for any given region. We make all of these images available to you, allowing you to choose the best ones for the regions you’re targeting.