kona-fishing-charts-chlorophyllKona fishing charts are now available on Satfish.com. Kona fishing charts are loaded with fishing tools to improve your chances at catching the species of fish you are targeting.
The most current chart layers for the Kona fishing chart are available 24/7 to Satfish members.
The Kona layers consist of satellite imagery generated by Satfish’s in-house scientist. The layers include Chlorophyll charts for Kona, Sea Surface Temperatures, Cloud Free SST, 3-day Composite SST, Altimetry, Currents, and Bite Zone layers.
The Kona deep sea fishing chart tools help you lay out your fishing trips before you leave the dock.
The fishing chart tools consist of Range and Bearing from Kona, Route Planning, Longitude and Latitude of the popular fishing spots, overlay of the fishing chart layers for Kona and the ability to turn layers on/off.

Satfish Kona fishing charts and website contain:

  • Multiple High Resolution Daily Kona Sea Surface Temperatures, Kona SST images
  • RAW SST Images
  • 3-day Composite SST Images
  • Daily Kona Cloud Free SST
  • Daily Kona Chlorophyll Charts
  • Daily Kona Altimetry Charts
  • Daily updates to the Kona Ocean Currents
  • Kona Bite Zone Images