What in the heck does Beta mean? Why is it free?

Beta is the last test before a product is released for purchase or use by public. We are inviting you to Beta test with us in a real world environment. We want to make sure that the end product is useful and customized to our membership.
During the Beta testing we have decided to allow everyone to use the product hoping for positive feedback as we shape the website and interface to your likings.

Where do you get your Satellite information?

Satfish charts are developed and maintained daily by a scientist with a PHD in ocean imaging.  BD Outdoors has partnered with him to bring the best images available straight from the satellites to the Satfish Charts. The scientist is also a fisherman and knows what fishermen want in their offshore charts.

Why aren’t there daily satellite images in my region every day?

The daily live data images (Sea Surface Temperatures & Chlorophyll) cannot see through clouds and fog. There will be days where there will be no data in your region. This is why we have composite Cloud Free SST charts, the next best thing.

Does Satfish work on mobile phones and tablets?

During the Beta testing time the mobile apps are not available. We are constantly changing and developing the interface and website while in Beta.
Dedicated apps will be available for iOS and Android once Beta testing is done.

Do you offer 1 month or seasonal subscriptions?

Satfish is a community. You can’t be part of a community for a month and expect to get the most out of the website. Our service is offered in 1 year subscriptions (365 days from the day you start).

Once I have a paid account can I share it with a buddy or boat partner?

The paid membership is a single user account. The website tracks all IP addresses, computers, phones, tablets and cookies for security reasons. If the security program detects multiple users it will auto close an account. Per the terms of service agreement there will be no refund.
Don’t rip all our hard work off!