Satfish is not just another Sea Surface Temperature chart that you could get for free. By joining as a member you are tapping into high-tech software built by fishermen for fishermen to process all of the most important layers of data collected from satellites as they scan the earth. These layers are processed by a PHD in Ocean Imaging, painting you a real-life picture of your fishing grounds. Satfish is the most powerful tool online, helping you find more fish. Knowing which way to point your boat translates directly into more fishing time, saving a ton of money on fuel and putting more fish in your holds.

With live satellite imaging, wind, sea state, currents, and more, you can make those crucial decisions to keep you crew safe and make the most of your free time.

No more running blind looking for the edge of the Gulf Stream, East or West. Need to find that warm water eddy where your buddies caught fish a few days ago? Just find it and plot it with Satfish. Built in plotting tools let you plan and print your route before you go. It’s a fact that bait and predatory gamefish gather along the edges and breaks that form between moving bodies of water offshore. Subtle differences in temperature, color and clarity can be a magnet for fish. You can spend too much of your precious time and fuel running around scouting the old fashioned way. Satfish gives you the high-tech advantage, in an easy to use proven package. Satfish can pay for itself in fuel savings in just one trip and how do you put a price tag on catching more fish.

Access is completely free during the Beta period.

Sea Surface Temperature Charts

Sea Surface Temps

Sea surface temperature (SST) measurements are made by satellites orbiting our Earth.Current temperature breaks create “edges” that congregate bait fish, kelp, weed lines and sea life. Find the break, find the structure and you’ll find the fish.

Chlorophyll charts

Chlorophyll Concentration

Chlorophyll Concentration Charts display the quantity of plant life in the surface layer of the ocean.  Chlorophyll Concentration Charts gives us information about water clarity and where different currents come into contact with each other. The Satfish Chlorophyll Charts verify that the water you want to fish is clean. Don’t waste time and fuel heading in to dead green water.

Ocean current charts

Bite Zone Maps

Pelagic fish congregate and travel along fronts, or regions of abrupt changes in temperature and chlorophyll. We have developed a method to identify these fronts in both temperature and chlorophyll.  Bite Zone maps show you the boundaries where different water masses collide and fish are likely to gather.

Access is completely free during the Beta period.